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Ecological economics and blue economy

Ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field that aims to improve and expand economic theory to integrate the earth’s natural systems, human values and human health and well-being. In conventional economics, the primary goal is to increase goods and services produced by human industries (built capital), and the gross domestic product (GDP) is a national measure of the total value of goods and services produced annually.

Conventional economics assumes that ever-increasing GDP is desirable, possible, and that everyone benefits. The Microeconomics and design of production proposed is based on Blue Economy, the Zeri´s philosophy in action. Is where the best for health and the environment is cheapest and the necessities for life are free thanks to a local system of production and consumption that works with what you have. The Blue Economy respond to basic needs of all with what you have, introducing innovations inspired by nature, generating multiple benefits, including jobs and social capital, offering more with less.

The principles are here:

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