Climatic Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilienze, Regeneration /

ESEST works alongside companies, local authorities and communities to find practical solutions to the Climatic Changes they face.

Contact: Gianmario Deandrea

We actively seek to work with companies and communities to reduce, mitigate, recover socio-ecological systems and adopt a collaborative approach, sharing knowledge and experience.

We increase Our impact by scaling up success and pushing for policy change that directly benefits local socio-ecological systems.

We work on creating culture and engaging youth that will be a key element in leading Europe towards addressing Climate Change.

Our project are oriented to regeneration of ecosystem and soils ( ) as well in building industrial ecosystems with carbon neutrality ( )

Landscapes, Industrial and Urban Systems Assessment and Design
The activity is made by the group EcoErgoSum based in Italy.

Contact: Leonardo Marotta

Integrated coastal zone management and marine spatial planning
The activity is made by the group EcoƩLogico based in Italy.

Contact: Richard Dernosky

Resilience and sustainibility after catastrophes events

ESEST is supporting the recover process increasing reliance and sustainability: in relation to disasters are the ability of a community to recover by utilizing its own socio-ecological resources.

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ESEST works on development of protocols and social networking of professional and companies:
Operational protocol :