Strategic sectors

Our courses have been designed for teachers interested in creating sustainability and environmental education at primary and secondary schools.
Our experienced educators will take you through experiential approaches to environmental education and effective ways to change behaviours and take action for sustainability. The learner will gain theoretical knowledge and practical techniques to create immersive learning experiences. The course will cover resource use, environmental management, behaviour change and community engagement.

Be inspired by our existing programs and demonstration sections.

Our courses concerned environmental education through 8 key areas of sustainability:

  • Water Use and Quality
  • Climate Change, energy use and Renewables
  • Waste Reduction and Organic Recycling
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • People, Behaviour Change and Community Engagement
  • Food ecology and Food production systems
  • Landscape, resources and risks

Each course has been crafted to involve the learner in the topic.

ESEST’s educators and mentors will share their experiences educating and communicating to students, teachers, organisations and community members how to reduce their impact on the earth.
Participants will have the opportunity to workshop and practice what they have learnt.